Solution Manual ( Complete Download ) ( Complete Download )or Statics and Mechanics of Materials | 1st Edition | J. Goodno

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Solution Manual (Download only ) for Statics and Mechanics of Materials | 1st Edition | Barry J. Goodno | James Gere
ISBN-10: 1305637895 | ISBN-13: 9781305637894



Solution Manual (Download only ) for Statics and Mechanics of Materials | 1st Edition | J. Goodno
Solution Manual (Download only ) for Statics and Mechanics of Materials | 1st Edition | Barry J. Goodno | James Gere
ISBN-10: 1305637895 | ISBN-13: 9781305637894


1. Introduction.
Chapter Objectives. Fundamental Concepts: Rigid and Deformable Bodies. Newton’s Laws; Law of Gravitation. Scalars and Vectors. Systems of Units and Conversion Factors. Accuracy, Approximations and Significant Figures. Using a Four-Step Problem-Solving Approach. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems
2. Forces, Moments, Resultants.
Chapter Objectives. Forces: 2D, 3D. Moments and couples: 2D, 3D. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
3. Equilibrium of Particles and Rigid Bodies: 2D, 3D.
Chapter Objectives. Free-Body Diagrams. Equilibrium in 2D and 3D. Dry friction.
Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
4. Structural Applications.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Plane Trusses. Space Trusses. Frames and Machines.
Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
5. Centroids, Center of Mass, Moments of Inertia.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Centroids of Areas, Lines and Volumes. Centroids of Composite Bodies. Center of mass, center of gravity. Theorems of Pappus. Moments of Inertia of Plane Areas and Composite Areas. Rotation of axes for moments of inertia. Principal Axes and Principal Moments of Inertia. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
6. Internal Effects in Bars, Shafts, Beams and Frames.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Bars subjected to axial loads. Shafts subjected to torsional moments. Beams and frames subjected to transverse loads and applied moments. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
7. Tension, Compression and Shear.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction to Mechanics of Materials. Normal Stress and Strain. Mechanical Properties of Materials. Elasticity, Plasticity, and Creep. Linear Elasticity, Hooke’s Law, and Poisson’s Ratio. Shear Stress and Strain. Allowable Stresses and Allowable Loads. Design for Axial Loads and Direct Shear. Chapter Summary & Review.
8. Axially Loaded Members.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Changes in Lengths of Axially Loaded Members. Changes in Lengths Under Nonuniform Conditions. Statically Indeterminate Structures. Thermal Effects, Misfits, and Prestrains. Stresses on Inclined Sections. Stress Concentrations. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
9. Torsion.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Torsional Deformations of a Circular Bar. Circular Bars of Linearly Elastic Materials. Nonuniform Torsion. Stresses and Strains in Pure Shear. Relationship Between Moduli of Elasticity E and G. Transmission of Power by Circular Shafts. Statically Indeterminate Torsional Members. Torsion of Non-Circular Prismatic Shafts. Stress Concentrations in Torsion. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
10. Stresses in Beams.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Pure Bending and Nonuniform Bending. Curvature of a Beam. Longitudinal Strains in Beams. Normal Stresses in Beams (Linearly Elastic Materials). Design of Beams for Bending Stresses. Shear Stresses in Beams of Rectangular Cross Section. Shear Stresses in Beams of Circular Cross Section. Shear Stresses in the Webs of Beams with Flanges. Stress Concentrations in Bending. Composite beams. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
11. Analysis of Stress and Strain.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Plane Stress. Stresses and Maximum Shear Stresses. Mohr’s Circle for Plane Stress. Hooke’s Law for Plane Stress. Triaxial Stress. Plane Strain. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
12. Applications of Plane Stress (Pressure Vessels and Combined Loadings).
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Spherical Pressure Vessels. Cylindrical Pressure Vessels. Combined Loadings. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
13. Deflections of Beams: Statistically Indeterminate Beams.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Differential Equations of the Deflection Curve. Deflections by Integration of the Bending-Moment Equation. Deflections by Integration of the Shear-Force and Load Equations. Method of Superposition. Statically Indeterminate Beams. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
14. Columns.
Chapter Objectives. Introduction. Buckling and Stability. Columns with Pinned Ends. Columns with Other Support Conditions. Columns with Eccentric Axial Loads. The Secant Formula for Columns. Chapter Summary & Review. Problems.
Appendix A: Mathematical Formulas.
Appendix B: Properties of Plane Areas.
Appendix C: Properties of Structural Steel Shapes.
Appendix D: Properties of Structural Lumber.
Appendix D: Deflections and Slopes of Beams.
Appendix E: Properties of Materials.
Answers to Problems.